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Frequent Blood Glucose Testing is Your Key to Diabetes Control

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Diabetes is a chronic disease and, in many cases, can result is further health complications, over the long term. The cumulative impact on health

Managing your blood pressure requires careful monitoring, which means regular blood pressure checks. If you haven't been diagnosed with high blood pressure previously, it hardly reduces the need for this regular monitoring. High blood pressure is a silent operator, and unfortunately, an unsparing one. If it gets the opportunity, it works to decimate your body system, destroying important organs and in most cases, precipitating major health problems. Heart diseases, kidney failure and disease, strokes, loss of vision, brain damage, dimensia, etc, are some of the BP-related health problems. The message: if your blood pressure is not being checked, you run the risk of major health surprises that may not prove funny. If you suddenly are down with kidney ailment and it's at that point you discover that your blood pressure had been high all along, that would be tragic. The way to go is to keep a close check on your blood pressure level, to avoid the unpleasant results of high blood pressure.

One way to regularly check your blood pressure is by going to the hospital for a check. That is a good idea as you get checked by experts. Ideally, that should be done, at least once in a while. However, you need very regular checking of your blood pressure level, perhaps more than you can achieve by going to the hospital. That is why personal monitoring has become an important creed of blood pressure control. Personal monitoring is done by keeping a home blood pressure monitor and taking personal measurements at home. A digital monitor, especially if automatic, is ideal as they are easy to operate. The results are also digitally-displayed, removing any unceratinly in reading them. Here are some of the important justifications for personal monitoring:

  • You Check More Regularly: Getting to go to the hospital and then take your turn to see a doctor is often a difficult proposition, especially on a frequent basis. Even private hospitals take your time when you get there, yet getting to the hospital is, in itself, a challenge. Your busy schedule may lead to many postponements, but those tight schedules may also be affecting the blood pressure. A home monitor will save much of that and permit you to check in the comfort of your home, as often as necessary.
  • You Get More Relaxed Checks: Accuracy of measurement is very important and even the strenuous trip to the hospital, through demanding traffic, may affect your BP temporarily. The relaxed atmosphere of home checks will balance any impact of momentary tension that affects the result you get when you go to the hospital.
  • Morning Hypertension Check: Checking for morning hypertension is also particularly important. Most sufferers of high blood pressure are shown to register the highest levels early in the morning. This morning BP is also said to move with the risk of strokes, meaning that rising morning BP means increasing risk of stroke. While the hospital can measure your morning blood pressure, the practicality of visiting the hospital early in the morning and often enough, makes that option almost impossible. If you depend on going to the hospital, you may never get to read your blood pressure in the morning. If you have a serious level of morning hypertension, you possibly won't know, though the risk to you life will be there. A home monitor easily solves that one.
  • White-coat Hypertension: Is the temporary elevation of blood pressure which some people suffer when they are before a doctor (white coat) and their blood pressure is to be checked. This possibly results from immediate anxiety about the likely reading that will be obtained. After all, you don't want the doctor to pronounce that you have a problem. Unfortunately, that may not be the regular range of your blood pressure, but a rise induced by momentary fear. You are unlikely to suffer that when you privately measure your BP since nobody else is seeing the 'verdict'. So, to balance out such effect, a home monitoring will help, letting your know your more sustained BP level.
  • Tracking your Trend: The hospital equipment is used for everybody, so you can't store any record of your personal measurements. Most of the type of monitors used in the hospitals won't even store any results. On the other hand, the home use digital monitors, in most cases, have a memory bank to store a range of results. That allows you easily see how you have trended, especially if you are working to control your blood pressure level.
  • Personal Control: A personal monitor for home use sort of puts some control in your hands and makes you more responsible about controlling your blood pressure level. It's no longer just the doctor's business, but one that you have an active role in, as well. Most likely, the result will be more effective.
  • More Information for Doctor: When you track your blood pressure, you are actually supposed to be working with your doctor and in fact helping out. The measurements you take, help to guard against sudden problems. If you find, for instance, that the result from your measurement is quite high today, you are likely to arrange to see the doctor. That way, more serious damage will be avoided as a timely intervention is facilitated. If you don't check and keep banking on a visit to the hospital that may never come, you will live with a problem that is gradually killing you. When you consider that the blood pressure monitors do not cost a fortune, you will find no justification for what will, in retrospect, be a poor judgement. If you suffer a stroke or go down with kidney disease, both easy outcomes of sustained high blood pressure, you will possibly realise what an error it has been, assuming monitoring would have helped you prevent them.

You probably can now see why it makes all the sense to keep a blood pressure monitor at home and check your blood pressure from time to time. Regular daily checking is actually recommended and that really means - wait for it - two checks, one in the morning and another in the evening. It is that important. And you can't easily do that, visiting the hospital. You will probably become a nuisance, after a while. That makes personal monitoring the way to go, as a back-up to the hospital visits that are still necessary. The need for home monitoring has indeed been canvassed by medical authorities. In the US, that led three important health bodies, the American Heart Association, American Society of Hypertension and the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses' Association to issue a joint report to recommend home monitoring of blood pressure. Read more on that report here: "High Blood pressure patients advised to use home monitors". Digital blood pressure monitors, designed for home use, are easy to operate and read. The good quality ones will give accurate readings. If you are wondering how to choose well, you may take a look at this article on choosing a home use BP monitor.

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