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Got any issues you want us to clarify about our online shop? Perhaps someone else has asked that same question, previously. We have compiled most of the frequently asked questions and provided standard answers that may meet your requirement. Browse through this list of FAQs to see if you will find the answers you need (click on a question to read the answer):

Where are your located?
We are at Suite 10, Okaka Plaza, 1st Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria. 1st Avenue in Festac starts right at the First Gate of Festac.

Do you have a branch near me where I can buy?
No, we don't have branches in that fashion. Yet, we are a shop, not just next door to you, but right on your desktop or even in your hand - if you have a handheld internet-enabled device. You can buy from us sitting right in your house, even on your bed (if you have a laptop). It is meant to be that simple. If you worry about the geniuneness of that process and fear you could lose your money, check these testimonials from real customers, not personally known to us.

How do I pay for a product I want?
Payment can be done online straight from your bed, provided you have a valid, Intersitch-compatible ATM card. The online payment process is simple and easy. Just select items you want to buy to put them in your shopping cart, click on the "checkout" button, follow the user-friendly, interactive check-out process, enter your payment details when requested and it's done.

You may also prefer to pay physically into our bank account, whether by cash or cheque. That is acceptable. Simply make a lodgement covering the value of what your want to pay for (including the delivery charge), email, fax or phone-in your order, including delivery details (example: "I have just paid for an Omron M3 Intellisense BP monitor. Here are the payments details: xyz. My delivery details are as follows: abc"). Once we confirm your payment, delivery is made as specified. Note that payment by a clearing cheque will delay delivery until the cheque clears. For more on payment, including our bank details, see "How to Pay".

How do I know that you will deliver if I pay?
First, there has to be some trust here, unfortunately, since nothing said by us will, in the real sense, be seen by you as a fail-proof guarantee. However, we want to assure you that we are a responsible business, run by responsible people. We also run (, an investment resource website widely used by Nigerians. Our identities are open and our office location is verifiable. Moreover, many Nigerians, thankfully, have had the goodwill to try us out and have good stories to tell. Some have been generous to speak about their experiences, which you can read here. For the record, we wish to state, categorically, that we have not met or known any of these customers in person. Contact was only in the course of online transactions, mostly by email.

What are your bank account details for me to pay into your bank account?
You can pay into our accounts, in the name Richtone Technology Limited, which runs the shop. The account options are:

  • Bank: Zenith Bank. Account Name: Richtone Technology Limited. Account Number: 6015104189. Branch: Festac
  • Bank: GTBank. Account Name: Richtone Technology Limited. Account Number: 226894239110. Branch: Festac

How long will it take to deliver the product to me?
We deliver promptly, once payment is made. For Lagos deliveries, that is within 48 hours max (in many cases we achieve 24 hours), except where a weekend intervenes. For other locations, we ensure submission of your package, within the same timeframe, to the delivery agent (courier service). Actual receipt will depend on your location, but generally, most parts of the country are delivered to by the coourier services within 48 hours. If you opt for a delivery channel that requires personal pick-up (generally cheaper), delivery is when it has landed at their terminal, awaiting your collection, provided we have forwarded you relevant information on the shipment. Our delivery timeframe signifies that we have stock when we offer an item. If an item is not in stock, we will indicate unavailability. If, by omission, that is not done and you have made a payment, we will quickly refund you, unless you opt to wait for new stock, the expected timeframe for which will be spelt out to you. However, our goal, as a policy, is to sell only what is in stock.

If, for any reason, you need expedited (express) delivery, we would be happy to discuss the details with you. It is likely to require just some extra payment, which the courier service would demand.

What happens if you don't supply the right item I pay for?
First, we deliver the items we advertise, as they are (large images are provided for you to identify clearly) and as described in the product description. - not their replicas or clones. It bears repeating that we will only sell geniune products, as promoted. When a manufacturer is stated, as we try to do in all cases, then it is from that manufacturer and that's what we'll send to you. However, if by any packaging error the wrong model or product is sent mistakenly, we will gladly take it back, at our delivery expense and send the correct replacement, also at our delivery expense. The chances of such occurence are, however, obviously very narrow.

What if you don't supply at all?
Hypothetically, this question is valid, but with us, that will not arise. We will never fail to deliver what is paid for, except we just ran out of stock (see earlier answer on delivery). In that only case, we will quickly refund your payment, unless you opt to wait for new stock. The timing and any pricing issues will be made clear to you in such circumstance, so you can take an informed decision. However, our policy is to sell only what is in stock and to, as much as possible, indicate unavailability when that is the case.

If we deliberately do not deliver and fail to refund, that obviously becomes fraudulent and criminal. We expect you should take action to report the abuse to relevant anti-crime agencies. At the least, you should succeed in getting the web site shut down, besides a refund of your money. That's how it should be. Anyway, that wild, wierd scenario will have nothing to do with us. This is not a fly-by-night operation. We are out to deliver a geniune service and earn any legitimate margin in doing so, not to withhold your payment and offer no consideration.

What will it cost to deliver what I want to buy?
Every effort is being made to keep the delivery charges low, by selecting delivery agents that are relatively better-priced, yet safe and efficient, and further negotiating terms to lower the fees for our customers. We have currently principally narrowed down to Associated Bus Company Plc (ABC Transport) and Transnationwide Express (Tranex) as our main delivery agents. Lagos deliveries currently cost N500 while upcountry deliveries will depend on weight and location, but generally range from N750. See ";Delivery and Returns" for more information.

What about product pricing: will I get good prices?
Absolutely yes. We take our time to price our products very competitively. One reason for this is that we are selling online and do not expect an opportunity to haggle and bargain. We most likely wouldn't know when you visit the online shop and when you leave. Even if we see review statistics of site traffic subsequently, you are long gone by then. So, we put our best foot forward from the outset, selling at the best prices we can. Most times, these are far below what you would get in a regular shop, especially the pharmacies. So, here we aim to give you the best deal.

Because we want to stay in good pricing, we will continue to monitor market prices and adjust, if circumastances demand so. We welcome your feedback on prices, especially if you think somebody else has done better on any item. Here is the contact info:

Can I pay by cheque?
You are welcome to pay by cheque. You most note, though, that if your cheque has to go for clearing (not same bank as ours), we will only ship your order after the cheque has cleared and we have been given value by the bank.

How do I know that you have the item in stock and will deliver promptly if I pay?
We will always strive to indicate if an item is not in stock so you don't pay for it, unless you deliberately want to pay and wait for arrival of fresh stock. In effect, it would be a fair assumption that an item for which unavailability has not been indicated is in stock. However, it's good to note, too, that human error can lead to failure to show that status. If that occurs (expected to be rare) and you make a payment, we will inform you and refund once detected. If you choose to wait for new stock, we will provide the information you need to that effect and accept your final decision.

But, can I buy physically from your office?
Yes, you very well can. If you are located in Lagos, particularly if close to Festac or you just feel more comfortable with a physical transaction, you are welcome to buy from the office at Okaka Plaza. If, however, you are not close, are busy or are quite comfortable with transacting online, you get served with all our commitment to speed, thoroughness and seriousness of purpose. Our offer of the online platform is because we realise that it can save you a lot of hassles (Lagos, for instance, is shoked up), provide you the opportunity to access what may not be handy where you are and besides, present one platform to buy quality, genuine products that are exactly what they are presented to be. You can be sure of getting no replicas or clones from us - just products from their original manufacturers, that's our promise.

More questions?

Don't find what you are looking for. No problem. We are available to take up all issues you may want to raise. Simply contact us with your question or observation. We're happy to hear from you. To do so now, just go here.

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